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Interactive Web sites


All volunteer Trustees are looking for ways to improve communications with condo owners and in some cases, tenants.  Is your property’s Web site helping as much as you expected?


The first generation of Web sites only partially helped, as those sites were “static”, with no way to automate the introduction of new information. Often those sites were created by Trustees, but too often the Trustee moved on and the property’s Web site quickly became outdated.


But what if your site was able to link information held at the management office, automatically? What if the management office’s staff was trained on how to leverage web technology, which was specifically designed for homeowner associations?


What if each owner could look up his or her balance, on-line, 24/7, without waiting for the management office to open up?


What if the Web sites could allow the public to have general information about the property, but have a secure section only for home owners?


Sterling is very pleased to be offering these modern, interactive Web sites at NO cost to your condo complex.


The service provider selected is Athomenet, the largest provider of Web sites for homeowner associations. To learn more about our new technology partner, please visit their Web site www.athomenet.com.


If you are an existing client, serving as Board Chair, please e-mail Barbara Quinn at bquinn@sterlingservicesinc.com.

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