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Automated Phone Calls to All Residents


All volunteer Trustees are looking for ways to improve communications with condo owners and in some cases, tenants.  Can your property manager call EVERYONE in your community, at a very low cost? 


Over the past few years, cities and towns have upgraded their 9-1-1 emergency service to send out messages to their residents to update them about snow related school closings, major construction projects around town, and even upcoming election reminders.


Sterling is very pleased to be one of the first condo management firms in New England using a special service, at a very low cost to your condo complex.

What we have found is that home owners are more likely to provide their managing agent with their home, cell and often work number, but not always provide their e-mail address.


Thus we are finding more owners receiving the automated phone message, which can be sent to only their home number or all of their phone numbers, with a simple click of a button, selected, message by message.


The service provider selected is N-Tec. To learn more about our new technology partner, please visit their Web site at www.ntecllc.com/Athomenet.


If you are an existing client, not yet live with this service, serving as Board Chair, please e-mail your property manager for details.

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