Condos - 55+ Adults

As the name implies, these communities are specifically constructed for “young” seniors who are looking to add convenience in their golden years. These communities are most often recently built as developers are leveraging the tidal wave of retiring baby boomers, which appears to be growing by 10,000 U.S. citizens turning 55 every day.


While these communities can target any portion of the 55+ demographics, most often these communities are upscale. While the physical building design could be garden, townhouse or single- family, most are townhouses, with some a mix of townhomes and single-family homes woven together.  


These communities typically have very sophisticated landscaping to rival what these owners created in their prior single family homes, after decades of hard labor. Yet the condo living lifestyle allows lush surroundings without the physical weekend chores.  Due to the desire of these residents to be connected, most of these communities feature a clubhouse, with some of these truly stunning buildings that go well beyond a simple meeting place.

 Carriage Hill - Southborough, MA
 Leah Estates - Ashland, MA
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