Accounting Department

Debra Levy, Treasurer / Internal Consultant


As the co-owner of Sterling, Mrs. Levy is responsible for hiring staff, selecting accounting software, and creating procedures and quality control standards for the company.  Her impressive resume and skills are rarely available to a company of Sterling’s size, which gives Sterling’s staff and clients access to high-quality, timely financial reporting and controls. A partial list of accomplishments is noted below:




  • CPA
  • 20+ years of financial management experience
  • International CPA firm (Peat Marwick)
  • Co-owner of Sterling
  • Banking (Metro-West and First Financial)
  • Investor in garden-style condo properties (1989-present)
  • QuickBooks and Peachtree consulting

Leslie Saporetti, Controller

Leslie Saporetti brings to Sterling the experience of a very successful 20 year career working with all aspects of the office functions involving record keeping, sales, project management/installation, service and customer relations, human resources, and general administrative duties. 

Mrs. Saporetti was responsible for the implementation of tracking systems for the offering and renewal of maintenance agreements ensuring customer awareness.  Mrs. Saporetti also worked on the development of marking materials for niche markets consulting with manufacturer representatives, end users and sales.

Additionally Mrs. Saporetti worked with job costing systems and project managers to ensure the delivery of product within budget and on time, and developed and implemented centralized customer record keeping systems to facilitate the sharing of information between departments.

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