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                        STERLING SERVICES INC.

                      A PASSION FOR SERVICE


Sterling Services, Inc. is a full-service, award-winning property management firm that specializes in condominium management and exists to provide you superior service. Managing approximately 2,500 condos in more than twenty properties, Sterling has a significant concentration of clients in the Metro West and the Blackstone Valley areas.


Our Real Estates services are divided into four sub-components:

  • Property Management
  • Maintenance and Remodeling
  • Financial Management
  • Rentals

Our friendly staff has the experience and knowledge to help you maximize the financial value and enjoyment of your real estate investment. Our “sterling” results flow from our ability to combine the science, art, and technology in all aspects of successful property management, facility upkeep, financial reporting, and long-term planning. For investor owners, we also provide rental services.


Science, Art, and Technology - Keeping an eye on the Future


The science side is the “what” side of a service.  Knowing “what to do” comes from being active in classes, provided locally and nationally, on best-of-breed practices in our industry. The art side comes from the “how” a service can be provided with empathy.  Our passion in how we manage is legendary in the industry, being noted by our volunteer Trustees and professional advisors in the industry. 


The technology side is how efficiently we manage the details.  There is simply no other local firm who is consistently committed to being an early adopter of proven technology specifically designed for the condominium management industry (please see http://www.topssoft.com/corporate/index.htm).


We were one of the first firms to use accounting software designed for condos, we were one of the first to use a bank designed for condos (please see http://www.cabanc.com), and we were one of the first to use a document exchange Web site for mortgage paperwork processing (please see http://www.condocerts.com). We are consistently more nimble in leveraging proven existing technology than any other management firm in New England, closely watching the emerging norms in such condo hot beds as Florida and California.


On the community buildings side, this means giving volunteer Board members “sage” advice on how to modernize outdated rules to conform with changing resident needs, as well as enforcing existing rules.  Part of Sterling’s TOPS software solution is a module designed to follow-up on rules enforcement infractions AND to facilitate Trustee-level summary reporting.


While this may be the norm in California and Florida, Sterling is one of the very few elite firms that have upgraded its software tools to truly support the governance needs of our volunteer Board members.  We also facilitate at many of our properties an annual “social.” Please see the pictures menu, and hit the social option to clarify our passionate support of creating a sense of community at our properties.


For properties with language diversity, especially Brazilian communities with Portuguese as the primary language, no other firm in the state has made as significant commitment to providing property administration in the #2 language spoken in Massachusetts. Please note that we can also provide verbal support in Spanish, the #3 language spoken at some of our properties.


Industry Leadership

Sterling is very active in the New England Chapter of the international non-profit research-based trade organization called Community Associations Institute (CAI). This research institute facilitates the exchange of ideas and procedures that have proven to be effective at other communities nationally, as well as facilitating access to local industry leaders in the fields of law, accounting, insurance and engineers.


Please note that Sterling property managers are “certified” by CAI.  In fact three of our managers have gone beyond being “certified”, with two managers achieving CAI’s Association Management Specialist (AMS) designation and the company founder achieving CAI’s highest designation, Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM).  Please see the website for CAI at www.caionline.org and CAI-New England at www.caine.org 


Ideal Size


Sterling's clients often comment about our ideal size: large enough to have impressive resources, yet small enough to care for each client.


Team Management Approach


Sterling Services, Inc is one of the few firms that assigns two employees to each property. The team leader is the portfolio property manager, who handles Trustee level issues, property inspections, contractor supervision, and long-term planning to support the volunteer leaders.


The unit owners' day-to-day administrative needs are serviced by a skilled property administrator. In fact, the property administrators attend most of the Board Meetings with larger properties (i.e. over 100 units).


This two-person team is at the core of our ability to create sterling results.

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