We manage approximately 2,500 units, which represent half a billion dollars of Real Estate. Some of our customers wanted to let us know how pleased they are with our services. Below are some testimonials.



“David & Brandon,

Just a quick note to thank you and especially to Brandon for the painting, patching and the entire repair work that he did in our upstairs master bathroom and living room. It looks fabulous and I sincerely appreciate all the hard work!”



“Thanks for the super fast service!  The guys just finished the roof; they were great and would not even stop for a cold drink or coffee.

Once again, thanks for the super service!  Give me the names of those who yelled at you and I'll make sure they don't do it again.”



“Hi David,

Good luck with the budget process. I'm sure it'll go very smoothly.  I'll miss working with you and the great team of professionals you've built at Sterling.  And thanks for giving us special attention on matters like getting the 6(d) certificate. Take care.”



“I would sincerely recommend Sterling Services, Inc. for a trouble free and competitively priced window replacement project.”



“Hi David,

Thank you for the last information you gave regarding the ratio of owners and investors.  I met with Nelson and everything has been worked out.  The mortgage company would like to close next Tuesday, May 31st and I need to get the 6 D Form.  I know this is the long weekend, and I'm sorry, we just found this out.  I hope this is the last time I'll be inconveniencing you and your staff. Please let me know if my request is possible. Again, thank you and just to let you know how much we appreciate all you've done. The landscaping outside our condo looks fantastic.  It's a great job and everything looks good.”

Nancy and Jim


“By the way on a lighter note....just wanted to commend you and all the staff for putting on a successful Century Estates cookout and a day of fun for all residents of CE. It was a huge hit and even myself, I got to chat and meet neighbors and socialize. CE really felt like a family that day. I hope to see more of these in the future (maybe one in the spring/one in the fall). All I got was positive feedback on this day of family fun. Bravo!!!!!!!!!
P.S. And thanks to your daughter for all her hard work!
P.S. You're not a bad cook either!”
Linda P.


“Hello David,

Thank you for your comprehensive summary. As I explained to Tracey, my dealings with her have been positive. She has always been responsive, professional, and courteous in all her dealings with me. I am sure that you are proud to have her on your Team and I am pleased that she is our Property Manager.




Just wanted to tell you Jay is awesome.  The deck looks great.  

Jay does some good work. Many thanks.”



I am so proud that we have so much real cooperation and communication in our Town. And I know that YOU deserve a large part of the credit for the way the condo associations are viewed. Thank you so much!”



“Hi David,

Thanks for your patience, assistance, guidance, understanding, and going the extra mile!”



“What a breath of fresh air.  I feel we finally have a Management company working for us. Appreciate the e-mails.”





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